eBay sniping

From: steve <gkicomputers_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Thu Apr 24 12:40:00 2003

--- "Dwight K. Elvey" <dwightk.elvey_at_amd.com> wrote:

> Hi
> I'd once sniped a bid with a value of $145 for an
> item I wanted.
> Knowing the current going rate for the item, $120
> was about the
> highest I'd seen. The winning bid, also a last
> minute bid, went
> for something over my highest. A couple of days
> latter, I got
> a note from the seller. The asked if I was still
> interested.
> They didn't specify a price so I told them that I
> thought
> a fair price would be 1/2 between the my high price
> and the
> next lowest below me( it was $90 ).

In this situation I always offer what the final
auction price would of been if the top bidder didn't
exist, that is, the high bid of the third bidder, $90
in your case, I am suprised you offered more then
(well its actually $90 + bid increment, probably
$91.50 or so)
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