eBay sniping

From: John Allain <allain_at_panix.com>
Date: Thu Apr 24 13:29:00 2003

Since this seems the time to air eBay gripes, I thought I'd add mine.

Little complaint about the system on the face of it. But my main complaint
is on the oft published figure of 1 fraud out of 10,000*. Now, I've done a
LOT less than that number of purchases, and in that time I've seen enough
frauds to make me want to push the number closer to 1:200... That's a
pretty big difference.
Secondary to that is just the hilarious lack of control over how the seller
will disclose his acceptable payment methods, or shipping price.
Some will leave everything out of the eBay system and send a personal
eMail, Some threaten "Do Not use Unified Checkout", others will send
nothing and rely completely on Unified Checkout... while still leaving off
the shipping price. Then there's the sellers who claim to accept
Check/Money Order on the offer page but the UC'out will Only have
PayPal. Makes me think its all a mess sometimes.

So, they should be more honest about fraud, and they should make
Unified Checkout work for everyone.

just my $0.02 bid
John A.

*may have even been 1:40,000. Anyway, way off.
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