eBay sniping

From: Marvin Johnston <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Thu Apr 24 14:33:00 2003

The way Checkout is set up, it cannot work for everyone as it does not
allow for all the variables that can take place; various shipping
methods (ups, usps, etc), shipping costs (vary by zip code), insurance
(tied to carrier and amount of insurance), international shipping, and a
host of other issues including privacy concernss.

Fraud is most certainly an issue. Ebays response is basically "trust us"
when they haven't earned that trust, and in fact, have done a number of
things to give reasons for *not* trusting them ... as well as their new
acquisition PayPal.

John Allain wrote:
> Since this seems the time to air eBay gripes, I thought I'd add mine.
> Little complaint about the system on the face of it. But my main complaint
> is on the oft published figure of 1 fraud out of 10,000*. Now, I've done a
> LOT less than that number of purchases, and in that time I've seen enough
> frauds to make me want to push the number closer to 1:200... That's a
> pretty big difference.
> Secondary to that is just the hilarious lack of control over how the seller
> will disclose his acceptable payment methods, or shipping price.
> Some will leave everything out of the eBay system and send a personal
> eMail, Some threaten "Do Not use Unified Checkout", others will send
> nothing and rely completely on Unified Checkout... while still leaving off
> the shipping price. Then there's the sellers who claim to accept
> Check/Money Order on the offer page but the UC'out will Only have
> PayPal. Makes me think its all a mess sometimes.
> So, they should be more honest about fraud, and they should make
> Unified Checkout work for everyone.
> just my $0.02 bid
> John A.
> *may have even been 1:40,000. Anyway, way off.
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