eBay sniping

From: Paul Williams <celigne_at_celigne.freeserve.co.uk>
Date: Thu Apr 24 18:10:00 2003

Adrian Vickers wrote:
> I'd only bid ?25 at the start, fully expecting the price to hit
> about ?50-?60 or so before the last-second rush. Obviously, though,
> the professional snipers were away that day, since there were only
> a few bids upping the price towards my ?25 limit. When it hit ?24,
> though, I panicked & bid again (with 2 seconds to spare), thus
> raising the price over my own bid by 1 pence...

To save any confusion, I should point out that raising your (already
winning) maximum bid doesn't normally raise the current price for an
item. You only got caught out because the previous bidder's non-winning
bid was less than one increment off your winning bid. Any new bids have
to beat current bids by at least one increment.

Hmm ... maybe that didn't unconfuse things! I'm not going to reveal your
eBay name here, Adrian, but if you go to http://vt100.net/rebay and type
in the appropriate auction number, you'll be able to see a blow-by-blow
account of the auction, in time order.

- Paul
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