Publishing old manuals and books on the web. Legal?

From: Michael Holley <>
Date: Thu Apr 24 19:51:00 2003

It is easy to ask for a copyright release from the owner (if they are still
in business.) I got permission from Motorola to uses some data sheets on my
web site.

I sent an email to the press contact in the semiconductor division. (See my
request below.) I asked them to foward my request to the correct department.
I was emailed a short form to fill out and then they gave me permission.

I did the same for Byte magazine but received no response. I am going to put
some Radio Electronics articles up without permission because Gernsback
Publications went out of business last year. If I find out who owns the
copyright I will ask for a release.

Try to locate the owner and keep a record of your effort. Have contact
information on your web site so any copyright owner can reach you.

Heathkit is still around. Ask them for permission. I think
Popular Electronics was acquired by Gernsback Publications.

Michael Holley

My original request to Motorola

I have a non-profit web site that documents personal computers from the
1970s that were based on the Motorola 6800 family of microprocessors. ( ) I would like permission to post copies of
out-of-print Motorola data sheets. These are useful for collectors and
hobbyist who are restoring these 6800 based computers and games.

An example is the datasheet for the MC6875 clock generator.

Could you direct this email to the correct person that handles this type of
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