From: Marvin Johnston <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Thu Apr 24 21:20:01 2003

With all this talk about the ebay DNF board, just thought some of you
would like to know what is going on there. Basically, a number of people
(10 or so that I know of), myself included, were suspended today from
posting on any of the boards. Seems that a *MAJOR* SNAFU on their part
last night left open a database that documented the complaints that were
being generated by (I think) the Report Button; that URL got posted on
the DNF Board. That database included *who* generated the complaint, and
several DNFers started browsing the database to find out who the
snitches are. Several of us scrolled the board so that URL was no longer
available for public viewing ... and ended up getting suspended for it.
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