From: Stuart Johnson <ssj152_at_charter.net>
Date: Thu Apr 24 23:34:01 2003

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Subject: Ebay SNAFU

> With all this talk about the ebay DNF board, just thought some of you
> would like to know what is going on there. Basically, a number of people
> (10 or so that I know of), myself included, were suspended today from
> posting on any of the boards. Seems that a *MAJOR* SNAFU on their part
> last night left open a database that documented the complaints that were
> being generated by (I think) the Report Button; that URL got posted on
> the DNF Board. That database included *who* generated the complaint, and
> several DNFers started browsing the database to find out who the
> snitches are. Several of us scrolled the board so that URL was no longer
> available for public viewing ... and ended up getting suspended for it.
> >From my standpoing, this further verifies comments I've made about the
> inept ebay management! Some people from the media have been contacted,
> so you may be hearing more about this :).

I realize this shows my total ignorance - but what is the "DNF" board on
eBay? Curiosity overwhelms me...

Stuart Johnson
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