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Date: Fri Apr 25 02:10:00 2003

On Thu, 24 Apr 2003, Adrian Vickers wrote:

> The relative values of things to people - especially collector items - is
> so variable as to be almost meaningless. I'd have happily paid ?100 for a
> Sharp MZ-80K two years ago. Now I'll baulk at anything over about ?25, and
> I'd prefer it free. Why? Because I have two of them now. Their relative
> value to me as a purchaser has changed significantly for reasons which are
> totally unrelated to their "real" value. Same goes for the MZ-80A & B, of
> which I have 2 & 1 examples respectively. I'd still pay ?50 or so for a VGC
> "B", as the one I have has a slightly dubious keyboard & a nasty scratch in
> the screen which I don't think is repairable.

This is a really good point. There has to be an objective value based on
true scarcity (i.e. how many total units produced), not regional
scarcity, and generally acknowledged historical and/or technical
significance. eBay prices do not generally reflect objective value.

I think Michael Nadeau's book made great strides towards this end, but
refinement is still needed.

To be sure, prices for old computers will still not settle in the near

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