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Date: Fri Apr 25 09:47:00 2003



On Fri, 25 Apr 2003, chris wrote:

> Ugh. Sorry to ask this here, but I know many of you will know the answer.
> I'm looking for a 15 pin High Density, PC Mount, D-Sub, Right Angle,
> Female socket. In other words, I have a VGA socket that I need to replace
> on a board.
> I'm have a surprisingly difficult time tracking one down. I can find 9
> and 25 pin all I want, I can even find 15 pin, but not in the high
> density format (just the regular 2 rows like used in ethernet AUI or Mac
> RGB connectors).
> Anyone know of a place to get one.
> On the same thought, who do people recommend as a source for parts like
> this. I used to use MCM Electronics, but they seem to be moving more
> towards the flashy side of things and are carrying less and less variety
> of small parts.
> This would normally probably be on topic, but its for a repair of
> non-classic item, so its slightly off topic.
> -chris
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