From: Marvin Johnston <marvin_at_rain.org>
Date: Fri Apr 25 10:55:01 2003

Stuart Johnson wrote:
> I realize this shows my total ignorance - but what is the "DNF" board on
> eBay? Curiosity overwhelms me...

The DNF Board is the "Discuss Newest Features" board on Ebay. Before
everyone got suspended, it was one of the best places to get answers to
almost any question about ebay. It also had the reputation among the
pinks (ebay staff who occassionaly visit the boards, pinks because that
is the color of their header when they post) of being the DMZ. It also
had the reputation of being the first place that any problems with ebay
were found and posted. Most of the regulars expected the worst from ebay
"management", and were rarely disappointed. Most of the regulars who
were suspended are over at the SYI lounge at
http://www.sellyouritem.com/Lounge.html. At least there, you can ask
questions and not worry about the ever changing rules and
interpretations present on ebay.

Least I be too misunderstood, the concept of online auctions is a great
one. However Ebay has chosen to rape the concept with little
consideration given to the community that helped build it. A few of the
problems include a search engine that doesn't always work properly, site
reliabiity problems, the HH (hoops and hurdles) factor when it comes to
needing support, an ever increasing amount of fraud, and the list goes
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