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Date: Fri Apr 25 14:21:30 2003

On Fri, 25 Apr 2003, Hans B Pufal wrote:

> All these factors play a role and that is why I think eBay prices DO
> reflect market value. eBay provides an almost perfect global marketplace
> and in such an environment prices will fluctuate around a "market value".

And again, I disagree, precisely because of the way that eBay auctions
work, and the factors that can influence a final selling price.

However, I will say that as time goes on, and using eBay becomes a way of
life, the values will normalize somewhat, and I think we are seeing that
with certain items now.

> > I think Michael Nadeau's book made great strides towards this end, but
> > refinement is still needed.
> Not having had the opportunity to see a copy I cannot comment, but
> without denigrating his good work, I would question the real world
> relevance of any value placed on any particular machine at a particular
> moment in time.

As I mentioned previously, the relevance is in establishing a baseline
value upon which two people can efficiently trade.

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