ClassicCmp Auction Site?

From: Marvin Johnston <>
Date: Fri Apr 25 17:26:01 2003

What is the difference between that, and posting to this list? We have
talked in the past about having a separate site for posting stuff to
sell, but it seems that few people are interested.

Mike Ford wrote:
> At 03:57 PM 4/25/03 -0500, Jay West wrote:
> >My vote is of course to proceed with this idea, any thoughts?
> Good idea, I suggest you make it a scrolling site, ie any list member can
> post a text message (with html links too I guess), but after some fixed
> time the text and all drops into the bit bucket, and would need to be
> reposted if desired. Or maybe better, two sections, one of links to our own
> out of date pages that stays forever, and a second section of scrolling
> endless text.
> Also beyond limiting to list members, maybe it should be list members of at
> least a week or so, so we don't get people joining the list, just to post
> somethng perhaps offtopic forsale.
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