maybe OT: Performa 6200CD needs network help

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Date: Fri Apr 25 21:49:00 2003

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> I've got a friend with a Macintosh Performa 6200CD, and we can't get
> the network card to function. We've upgraded to OS 9.1 (though we may
> back it down to 8.5/8.6, it's really really slow now) and when that
> didn't work, I tried installing a driver package from Farallon (for
> Ethernet Comm Slot LC? I know this isn't an LC but it was the only

One problem I had with an Asante NIC was that it would not work if connected
to my 10/100 router. If I plugged it into a 10mb hub and then chained that to
the router, it would work.
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