eBay being sued over patent infringement

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Hi Marvin,

One thing I forgot to add ...

         Bite Me, eBay

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> > Hi Paxton,
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> > > Actually, as a seller, I think the eBay process sucks.
> > Scan the DNF message board. A lot of other sellers share that same
> sentiment.
>That feeling is, at least from what I have seen, not a universal one.
>What seems to be far more reaching is the feeling that the ebay
>management is incompetent from the standpoint of running auctions. They
>are incredibly inept at making decisions that will help the sellers, and
>incredibly arrogant at forcing their ideas on the ebay community. The
>DNF Board (Discuss Newest Features Board for those who don't know) has a
>number of people who are *very* familiar with the workings of ebay and
>help out where they can.
> > > a much preferred model for me. It is where the sale is extended by a
> > > minute or two when each bid comes in at the end of the auction.
> > Yes, that one feature takes the teeth out of sniping.
>Sniping is a requirement unless the bidder doesn't mind being the bid
>price going up. I made a suggestion to ebay years ago that sealed bids
>should be allowed that would only become known after the auction had
>ended. That would encourage bidders to make a realistic bid of what they
>are willing to pay, and make the sniping issue irrelevant. Of course,
>since that would benefit the sellers, it was ignored.
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