HP 5036A microprocessor lab

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Date: Sat Apr 26 13:10:01 2003

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> Hi,
> On 21 April 2003 Stuart Johnson wrote:
> Coincidentally enough, I bought a copy of the 5036A service manual (HP
> no. 05036-90001) a few weeks ago. Is that very different from the user
> manual? It says the microfiche part no. is 05036-90002. Maybe it's still
> available on microfiche from HP? Okay, that's doubtful...
> Along with that was a book titled "SC-MPUTER (2)" from Elektor publishers
> dated 1980. Has anyone come across an SC-MPUTER? It may only have been
> in kit form.
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> -- Mark


Yes, the service manual is different from the book "Practical
Microprocessors". Practical Microprocessors is a 450+ page book that
thoroughly explains the HP 5036A and has many lab experiments for the user
or student to perform. It also contains the assembly language listings of
the ROM on the 5036A and schematics.

I have a xerographic copy of the "Service Manual" and there IS some overlap
between it and "Practical Microprocessors", but the Service Manual is not
directed towards teaching microprocessor theory and usage. The copy of
"Practical Microprocessors" that I have is soft bound and could not easily
be copied without having the binding cut off, ruining the book.

I would rate the book "Practical Microprocessors" together with an HP 5036A
as a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. I also have the Heath ET-3400A, an ETA-3400
(memory & I/O) expansion, and the Heath manuals. I would rate that as
perhaps a 6 or 7 on the same scale.

By the way, where DID you find a the Service Manual? Would they perhaps have

Stuart Johnson
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