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From: Robert Borsuk <>
Date: Sat Apr 26 19:51:00 2003

Hi All,
        Give me a couple of Mocha-chino's and I get all crazy. Okay here's
another group of stuff.

Books at $2.00 each
Mastering Machine Code on your ZX Spectrum - Baker - 1983
MS-DOS/GW Basic reference manual for the Tandy 3000 Part #25-4103
Apple Numerics Manual - 1988

Assorted stuff priced accordingly.
PC Sentry - Diagnostic ISA card and manual from TriniTech Inc. $5.00
Beagle Bros Peeks, Pokes and Pointers Poster for Apple II $1.00
Microsoft Developer Network Subscription from 1996 & some 1997 (30+
CD's NT workstation, NT server, Operating systems, developer info. I
don't feel like listing all that's in it)(Naturally licensing is your
responsibility) $15.00
PCI bus isolation and test card from AZ-COM (allows you to isolate a
PCI card under test from the system) $5.00

Same as always. Just let me know what you want.

Robert Borsuk -
Colourfull Creations
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