Depressing realization...

From: Dan Smith <>
Date: Sat Apr 26 21:13:00 2003

> Thanks for the insight. Anywhere in the world as a local
> call (Internet) is pretty tough competition.
> I do see that there are multitudinous hits on 'Telephone Line
> Simulator' on Yahoo. You could connect two machines in your
> home without a real phonecall.
> John A.

Years and years ago now I ran a BBS system on an Apple ][+. 4 floppy drives,
48k of ram and a blazing 300 baud modem. Later the board moved to a ][e with
128k ram, 4 floppies and a 10 meg HD. Got quite a deal on the HD, only
$1500.00. I was sure no one person could possibly fill a drive that big with
around the house kinda stuff.

Dan Smith
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