ClassicCmp Auction Site?

From: Marvin Johnston <>
Date: Sun Apr 27 16:51:00 2003 wrote:
> From: Marvin Johnston <>
> << Things I would like to see in a ClassicCmp auction site:
> << a way of qualifying buyers and sellers before they list/bid/trade.
> This last one is very interesting. In what way(s) would you qualify anyone to
> participate in the auctions? A ClassicCmp auction and/or trade site would be
> a great idea, but I'd bet that anyone who still wanted the most money for
> their item, would still list it on eBay for the most exposure and money
> potential. This can't really be escaped. There will be the ongoing problem of
> people just posting eBay auctions to the auction/trades site too.

To me, one of the best ways of qualifying people is with references from
people already involved. I think the feedback system is good, and mostly
takes care of the problem. On a small scale, a review committee or peer
presure is probably sufficient to keep things above board. On a larger
scale, perhaps besides a feedback rating, a "recommended by" rating
might prove useful.

Anyone who wants to get the mostest out of their stuff will list at
whatever venue will accomplish that. Right now, for Classic computer
stuff it probably is ebay; that may change in the future.

At least from my standpoing, who cares where stuff gets listed. The
problem is getting the listings found :).
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