ISA Expansion Box

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Mon Apr 28 17:33:39 2003

> I have one of these boxes. It appears that IBM took another PC case off the
> assembly line, stuck in a power supply and a passive backplane. There are

Apart from the front label, it _is_ a standard PC/XT case (8 slots).

> two interface cards, one for the PC and one for the expansion box, connected
> by a very stiff cable -- don't recall what's on them but probably buffering
> ICs and the like. The cable is about 3/4" in diameter. It terminates in

Yes, basically buffers for all the signals. The schematics are in the
Options and Adapters TechRef.

> D-shell connectors but I don't recall the pin count (probably D50). The

It's a DC62 connector IIRC (62 pins in the same shell as a normal 37 pin

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