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From: Patrick Finnegan <pat_at_purdueriots.com>
Date: Mon Apr 28 23:39:00 2003

I'm looking for either QBUS parts, or $5 + shipping for each of the
following.. Trying to clean out my room before I have to move in a few

- SparcStation 20, 32MB ram, 1x50MHz proc, floppy, 2GB HDD.
  I have 2 of these to get rid of.

- Macintosh IIfx with a pair of 16 channel A/D cards, and some sort
  of interface software on the drive. It was originally a part of a
  NMR system, and still has the software on it. Unfortunately, they
  decided to crush the instrumentation that hooked up to the I/O cards
  to do the NMR stuff. Has 8MB ram and (I think) a 120MB hdd.

- Macintosh Classic II. 80MB HDD, not sure on amount of ram.

- Macintosh Plus 1MB

- Macintosh Quadra 700, 16MB ram, 230MB HDD.

- Mac-plus style keyboards and mice (4pin RJ11 keyboard, DE9 mouse)

- PS/2 Model 70, with 6MB ram and an 80MB hard drive. I have at least two
  to get rid of, but need to find where I stuffed the ram first...

- 2 Full-height 50pin centronics SCSI enclosures

- HP 9000 model 715/50, I think it has 32MB ram.

- IBM RS/6000 7011 Model 220 with 32MB ram, 400MB+ HDD, 2.88MB FDD,
  Gt1x framebuffer

Now, what I'm looking for in trade:

+ Small-ish (can be lifted by 2 people) PERTEC or SCSI 9 track tape drive,
  that is manual/autoloading. I don't really want one that's slot load,
  I rather be able to see it spinning (and possibly manually load it). I
  use to have one, but it died, and I'd like to get a 'new' one. This
  would be worth a few things from the above, and I'd probably be willing
  to pay some money for it.


+ QBUS RAM card for a PDP-11/23, 128kW or better.

+ RLV12

+ QBUS ethernet card that works with PDP-11 OS's.

Purdue University ITAP/RCS
Information Technology at Purdue
Research Computing and Storage
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