Magtapes - 9 Track Available

From: Jerome H. Fine <>
Date: Tue Apr 29 12:05:00 2003

Are you interested in magtape just for the media [has old National
of Medicine stuff? (this would be at least another box)
I have been advised that the above tapes are available, probably about
at least a dozen tapes for either the contents or for scratch. The cost

will be for shipping. They are in New York City, but may need to
first be sent to Buffalo.

If they are of interest, please advise and I will try and find out
what arrangements can be made.

I might also be looking to have 3 or 4 magtapes copied to a TK50
(or other suitable media) and might need some help in this regard.
They have RT-11 file labels if that is helpful information, so probably
RT-11 would be needed to make to copies. Eventually, I would like
to copy the contents to a CD.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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