Me Too! Re: 256x4 80NS or faster

From: Joe <>
Date: Tue Apr 29 20:01:00 2003

   Are you looking for ROMs or RAM? I don't know anything about what the printers use but it sounds like what you should be looking for are 256 K x 4 RAMs (44256s). If that's the case go to a surplus store or scrap place that carries old PC parts and check the video cards. A LOT of them used socketed 256k x 4 RAMs. I needed about 200 of them last year to fully populate my HP Viper cards and I picked up about 15 video cards in one store for less than $1 each and ended up with about 140 RAMs off of them.

    I'm looking for some blank 256 x4 TS 45ns PROMs to program up some new loader PROMs for the HP 1000s. I can use Signetics 82S129 or equivelents. Here's a list of others that I believe will work.

   Signetics MMI TI Harris Raytheon AMD National Intel
   --------- --- -- ------ -------- --- -------- -----
TS 82S129 (50ns) 6301-1 24S10 7611-5 29661 27S21 74S287 3621
   82S129A(27ns) 63S141 - 7611A - 27S21A - -

   Intersil Fujitsu
   -------- -------


At 11:37 AM 4/29/03 -0700, you wrote:
>anyone have any of these floating around? I can't believe I gave 'em all
>away and now I need to populate a laserjet IIID memory board :(
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