OT: iMac

From: chris <cb_at_mythtech.net>
Date: Wed Apr 30 09:10:00 2003

>I was helping my Dad put some things to the local Goodwill today (good
>source of Monitors!) and one of the things there was an iMac for $200.
>I played around with it for a couple of minutes because it was displaying
>all of it's dialogs in french. This leads to two questions:
> 1./ is there a buried internationalizing menu somewhere,
> IE, could it be switched over to english?

If it was OS X, then maybe (I know you can install other languages, I'm
just not sure if you can switch between them once they are installed),
but if it was previous to OS X, then no, not to the degree that you were
seeing. Rather it must have had a French version of the OS installed. If
you decide to buy it, let me know, I can get you a US-English copy of
whatever OS version was installed.

> 2./ Anybody make PC drivers for the great USB keyboard and mouse?

My iMac USB keyboard and mouse worked on Win2k by just plugging them in.
They also worked on my PlayStation 2 (well, at least the keyboard did, I
don't remember if I plugged the mouse in to it or not).

Of course, I lost the right click ability in Windows while using my iMac
puck mouse, but at least the mouse (and keyboard) worked without
additional drivers.

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