Inquiry about Classic Computers Collectors List

From: Jeffrey Sharp <>
Date: Wed Apr 30 10:46:00 2003

On Monday, April 28, 2003, wrote:
> From 1977 to 1991, I worked for General Electric, Honeywell, Magnetic
> Peripherals, Control Data, Imprimis, and Seagate. I am interested in
> staying in touch with people/computers of that era. Is your list for me?
> Richard Oklahoma City, OK 73118 Email

I'm not exactly of that era (I'm 24), but I love machines that are. I'm
also located in the OKC Metro. I live in Norman and work for a large
company near Classen and Western. I have a medium-sized collection of
mostly DEC PDP-11s, VAXen, and old Suns. I also help administrate this

I think you would have an enjoyable time as a list member. There are two
ways to subscribe. The first is cctalk, which is unmoderated and delivered
immediately. The second is cctech, which is moderated for topic and
delivered after an average delay of 12 hours. Please be aware that both
share the same on-topic messages, so you should only subscribe to one of the
two. Subscribing to both will get you nothing but duplicate messages.

See our web site at:

It would be great to have someone else from my area on the list. AFAIK the
closest existing subscriber is in Fort Worth.

Jeffrey Sharp
Received on Wed Apr 30 2003 - 10:46:00 BST

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