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From: Erik Klein <>
Date: Wed Apr 30 13:58:00 2003

Stan Sieler wrote:

> Re:
> > - the ability to support off topic conversations along with on-
> > topic ones without burdening those not interested in one or the
> > - the ability to easily search archives for topics of interest
> > - the ability to keep ?threads? of discussion together
> > - the ability to categorize these threads for easier research
> That's all easily achievable with the current CC-TALK/CC-TECH.
> ...just use a small prefix (from a small set of group endorsed ones).
> E.g.: OT: iraqi playing cards
> where "OT" means "Off Topic"

I agree that we could implement that. It becomes a little more
complicated when you try to generate the "group endorsed" prefixes and,
once you do, keeping those in the public eye so folks use them. I like
the idea, though, and think it would make the list easier to use.

We already have OT, FS and FA of course. What other prefixes could we
have? HW and SW? OS? PRG? HLP?

> The inherent problem with the current vcforum web interface is the
> amount of extra work that people need to do to use it. With CC-TALK,
all the
> current posts are visible (one per line) on my screen. With vcforum,
> have to scroll the index web page to see what sections have new posts.
> For each section with a new post, I have to click on it (deciding
whether or
> not to click-into-new-window or click-into-same-window), just to see
the list
> of topics in that section. Then I have to potentially scroll (not
now, but
> later, as more topics are posted) to see which topics have new
posts ...
> the end result it that it takes me 10 to 20 times longer to "catch
up" as
> it does with CC-TALK/CC-TECH.

I don't think it's all that difficult to navigate although it is
different from an email interface and there are disadvantages inherent
in the greater flexibility. Once you get used to it, however, I think
it takes just as much time to remain "caught up."

On the other hand, you can eliminate topics you don't care about a lot
easier by simply tracking messages in the forums you are most
interested in. If you have no interest in Apple or Unix or the Off
Topic discussions you need never visit those boards. CCTalk will
always send you those messages.

The thing that I like the most about a threaded message board is that
you can view the entire discussion without any heavy manipulations. If
I want to do that with the mail list I have to either visit the
archives or use my mail program to sort on message header (assuming
that hasn't been changed mid-thread). As of right now I have nearly
29,000 CCTalk messages in my outlook CCTalk folder. Even with a P4 2.4
and 1GB of RAM resorting that list is slow.

> Could this be fixed? Yes. There could be an alternate presentation
page which
> lists all new posts, one per line ... sortable by topic or date-
> I should be able to quickly mark any I wish as "ignore" (aka "delete"
in a
> mail reader). However, most web based forums use the server to
> updates, as opposed to doing more work just behind the glass (e.g.,
> to collect the updates/markings/wishes and then upload the set to the
> That's easier, of course, but clearly makes for more work and/or
> response for the user.

The "new posts since my last visit" link is my favorite on bigger
boards. I hope that this new forum gets the kind of reception that
makes that feature useful. If enough people sign up and start using
the forums they'll hit "critical mass" which will make them that much
more useful.

> One person's comments, anyway :)

Thanks, Stan! I do appreciate the feedback!

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