How to break into a XENIX system?

From: Joe <>
Date: Fri Aug 1 11:29:00 2003

  I had some time to kill this morning so I drove over to the warehouse and
worked on the Intel 310 and I finally got it running. As I suspected, the
HD controller was mis-configured and I also got lucky and found the proper
port for the system console. There's ten serial ports on it and they're
numbered J20 to J32. You'd think that the system port would be the lowest
or maybe the highest numbered port but Nooo, it's J31! I read through the
few Intel 310 manuals that I have last night and they're not much help but
they at least gave me the proper baud rate, parity, etc so that elimenated
one unknown. Played around with the SDM and ROM diagnostics and all the
hardware checks out perfectly. The bad news that the 310 has XENIX
installed :-( I also couldn't log into the system as a user or super user
since i don't know the account names or passwords. Does anyone have any
idea how to break into a XENIX system? It's XENIX 286 -W- Version 3.0.
There's lots of bad blocks and such on the drive. I'm wondering if I should
just install iRMX on it and forget it. Comments?

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