Intel 310?

From: no <>
Date: Fri Aug 1 23:57:00 2003

Joe wrote:
> I've spent part of the last two days working on an Intel 310 that I found
> in a scrap place and finally got it working. I'm just wondering how common
> thse are. I searched the net and didn't find any on any web sites but a
> number of people's resumes mentioned using them at one time. Does anyone
> else on the list have one of these? If so does it still work? There's good
> picture of one at <>. Even thought they're in
> a desktop case, they still used Multibus cards. They ran either iRMX or
> XENIX (Mine has XENIX installed).
> Joe
We still have a couple of these running at my workplace. They run iRMX
and are used to process airport images for one of our older flight sims.

There was an iRMX user group, don't know if it is still active.

-nick o
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