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From: musicman38 <>
Date: Sat Aug 2 23:18:01 2003

Hi Sellam,
I have two Kaypro 10's.
One I have in mind is mint condition (Like the day it was purchased) , I
have all the books, and software.
The one in Mint condition does have a bad hard drive or just stuck from
sitting so many years unused, but I also have a replacment
hard drive for it, just never took the time to install it.
I purchased it from the original owner, still in the original box, with
invoice, and packing list.
Sadly I had no room inside my house for the large box, and stored the empty
box in my garage.
After several years the empty box was damaged by infestation, and I had to
toss it out.
The Kaypro 10 itself was not in it and stored inside my home in A/C, as all
my computers are.
The other Kaypro 10 works fine but is not Mint, but Very good condition.

I have a large collection, of software from the Kaypro users group original
disk from the 80's, and even Kaypro magazines

I also have a very large collection of micro computers that I would like to
as a whole. Over a hundred computers, and includes 10 or more Kaypros 1, 2,
II, 4, IV, 10, 12, and 16,
just going by memory. I have a bunch of early portable computers, Osborne,
Compaq, Columbia, Etc.

Let me know if you are interested in the Kaypro or the whole collection.

If interested in the whole collection, I will send a complete list, but the
buyer will need a big truck to haul it all off.
and a few thousand dollars for the complete collection.

I have enjoyed collecting it all over the years, but I am considering
marriage, and I have the clear out an entire bedroom
stacked to the ceiling with boxed computers..


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> I'm looking for a nice, shiny, clean, preferably working Kaypro 10 that
> I'm willing to pay decent money for or trade for something nice.
> If you've got such a thing and are willing to trade or sell it then please
> e-mail me.
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