Items from Storage in MN

From: Keys <>
Date: Sun Aug 3 20:59:00 2003

Went back up to MN to empty one of the storages left up there and found the
followings items:

10 various pdp8/e engineering drawings books (11x17 in size) from 11/70.

hp 1727A Storage Oscilloscope (275 MHz) with manual, does not power up but
for $10 no complaints.

IBM mag system (typewriter and reader).

Sun Diagnostic Exec 1.2 for 68020 & 68030 1/2" tape and manual.


Mattel Electronics FootBall II from 1978.

A great looking book called The Universal History of Computing by Georges

Feedback Automatic Washing Machine MIC915 module for microcomputers with

Feedback Temperature Control MAT855 & MIC955 module for microcomputers with

DMS tele-sports mini handheld gaming system.

SHOOTER EE/EPROM programmer by Logical devices.

Unloaded a ton of stuff in storage here and will update list as I find more
good stuff for the museum.
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