Anyone have a Basis 108?

From: Ernest <>
Date: Sun Aug 3 22:59:01 2003

I've just spent the afternoon making .dsk images of my Basis 108 disk
collection. There is a lot of stuff here, including two different version of
the Basis system disks (there were four different MB revisions,) CPM 3.0,
and a bunch of Basis User Group Library disks (mostly for CP/M.) There are
CPM drivers for the Sider HD, Vista 8" controller card, Saturn 128k,
Mountain ThunderClock, and possibly more -special patches had to be made for
these cards to work properly with the Basis CP/M 3.0.

I haven't cataloged most of these disks, so I'm not entirely sure of what is
on them. I've just been systematically making the images but I do know that
all of these disks were created on a Basis 108, and were modified to run on
the Basis so they probably will not work properly on an Apple II.

If anyone has a Basis 108, and you need the system disks, etc., let me know
and I'll send you a Zip file with all of this stuff. I'm not completely
finished yet but I made images of the important stuff. There are probably
close to 100 images.

Ernest (remove the NOSPAM to email me.)
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