Backing up ST506 disks

From: Joe <>
Date: Mon Aug 4 19:50:17 2003

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>> For my old SCSI systems I tend to hold a raw block-by-block backup image
of the
>> drive by putting the hard disk in a PC with Linux and dragging data off
>> way. If the drive fails and I can't get an identical replacement, a
>> larger drive still works with a little bit of wastage. Due to the
>> between the controller and drive using ST506 I gather things are probably a
>> little more complex though...
>Not much. Put an ST506 controller into a PC. ST506/412 was the defacto
>standard on PCs until IDE. although most PC people erroneously refer to
>the cabling and interface as "MFM". The controllers used by IBM in the XT
>were made by Xebec.
>Once you have a controller and drive in your PC, you can write the code to
>read and write sectors to be able to copy a drive.

  I don't think youd even have to write any code. You could boot it from a
DOS disk and use Debug to read the raw disk sectors and write them to the
new drive.


>If you go a step further, and parse the DIRectory, then you could
>selectively read and write sectors to be able to transfer files.
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