Twinhead Superset 310

From: Stefan Daehler <>
Date: Tue Aug 5 01:34:00 2003

Dear Listers,

I'm completely new to this list as well as to vintage PCs and I hope to
get some help from you knowledgeable folks in respect to a box I recently
got from a friend of mine.

It's a Twinhead Superset 310 with a 80286 processor, 1 MB of RAM, a
ST-251 harddisk and 5,25" floppy-drive (IBM YD-380) for 1.2 MB disks.

The battery was gone, so at every startup, I had to type in the
configuration setup. I ONCE only managed to boot the machine which
immediately started WordPerfect 5. I typed a few sentences but I could
not save this text (the program all the time asking for a floppy I did
not have) nor could I end the application or shut down the system (I
REALLY do not know anything about DOS). So, I just powered down the
machine. Afterwards, I never again managed to boot the PC, as it always
asked for a floppy.

Meanwhile, I managed to de-solder the 3.6 V battery and I'll look for a
replacement. But there are a lot of questions, as I'd really like to
learn to get this machine running and as I'd like to handle it:

- The mouse-port on the back looks like a P/S2 but its larger in
diameter. What standard is this?
- There is one ISA-card I do not know what it is for. It has an external
connector just looking like a VGA, but the monitor did not work with
that. Furthermore, there are two black connectors ("wholes") about the
size of an RCA audio in/out. A networking card (BNC)?
- Generally: Does somebody know this machine? Somebody has manuals?

Best thanks for caring! Steff
Received on Tue Aug 05 2003 - 01:34:00 BST

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