New additions-- Lots of coco computer stuff

From: Jason McBrien <>
Date: Tue Aug 5 13:37:00 2003

I remember my friend was a rabid CoCo3 devotee. Those Rainbow magazines were
JAMMED with stuff, made my Commodore Gazette look anemic.

On a related note, recently I picked up a stereo expander card for my CoCo3,
anyone know what this thing is for? I assume it's like the SID cards that
plugged into the C=64's, giving them two more channels, but I don't know
what supports it. Thanks!

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Subject: New additions-- Lots of coco computer stuff

> A guy that's seen my website contacted me and brought me a trunkload of
> computer stuff up from SC.
> I got a color computer 1 and 3, a multipack interface for the model 1,
> of programs on tape, zenith display, dual disk drives, tandy dmp102
> a mix of about 200 magazines for the coco, like rainbow, hot coco and some
> others. also got a tutorial on tape for the 6809 and some assembler
> Everything's dusty, but in all over good shape. The magazines really show
quite a
> color computer following back in the day. Some magazines are over 300
> each.
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