Mainframe emulators

From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Tue Aug 5 23:43:00 2003

> > > Define experince. :^) I've had it working before, but don't know enough
> > > about the OS to be able to do anything. Basically the only thing you can
> > > get to run on it is an ancient version of MVS.
> >
> > If you by "the only thing you can get to run on it" means the only legally
> > available software, then, yes, along with an old version of VM/370. If you
> > mean it won't run anything but old versions of software, then, no, Hercules
> > will also run OS/390 and other modern software.
> Well, since OS/390 or other such modern software is basically impossible to
> obtain... But, yes, I'm aware you can run current software on it.

Not impossible, just not easy, and definitely not legal.

> Hold on, are you saying it's possible to get an old version of VM/370?!?!
> Where?????

I remember seeing something about it on the hercules mailing list a while ago.
You could try searching the archives.
Eric Dittman
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