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Date: Wed Aug 6 00:57:00 2003

On Tue, 5 Aug 2003, R. D. Davis wrote:

> That's not doing any of us any good over here who were put out of work
> by cheap foreign labor and greedy management droids seeking bigger
> bonuses for making shareholders very happy. Free trade has gone too
> far. What we need is for all non-management employees working as
> programmers, web site designers, etc., who are U.S. citizens, to go
> on strike---while also demanding time-and-a-half back pay in order to
> resume work when the strike is over. This would be all the more
> effective if those working for the government doing defense work that
> can't be turned over to the foreigners go on strike as well. That's
> one way to make 'droids and politicians feel some heat for the
> problems they've caused. Ok, it will probably never happen, but it's
> neat to think about.

At the risk of sending this further off-topic, if we stuck with this
philosophy then we'd all still be tilling fields.

Evolve or become extinct.

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