OT: RE: Grammar, was RE: Work In KC Area?

From: Dave Woodman <dave_at_naffnet.org.uk>
Date: Wed Aug 6 15:51:00 2003

Peter Turnbull wrote:

>Mine is "burglarized" (or "-ised"). The noun is "burglar", the verb is
>"burgle", and the past tense is "burgled". "To burglarize" would be to
>turn someone into a burglar.
'Nearly unique' (and all such such misuses) cause me to want to correct

Let's not forget the great marketing term that has now fallen into
seeming acceptability - the 'Intranet!' Did someone invent the
Intranetworking Protocol whilst I was not looking? Are marketing types
completely unable to distinguish between 'The Internet' and 'an internet?'

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