Your old PC jr.

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Wed Aug 6 17:01:01 2003

> Hi,
> I ran across a reference to your webpage;
> searching for a power supply for my 386-25 .
> If you haven't given away your computer,
> I'd like to suggest that you hook it up, as an X-10 box,
> for home automation .

I'm one of the PC-jr owners on this list. Alas I am in the UK, where X10
stuff is not common (it does exist over here, modified for 240V, 50Hz
mains, but it's _very_ expensive).

However, these older boxes are, indeed, useful for control applications.
I must get round to designing my own version of X10 (Steve Ciarcia has at
least one idea in his Circuit Cellar articles...)

> There are clock boards, eprom cards, your old box,

Err, the PC-jr doesn't have normal ISA slots, you know. Add-on modules
for it are not common. They're not hard to design, though (I have the
full TechRef, and the PC-jr bus is essentially the 8088 bus).

> is still valuable, TO YOU .

Isn't that a rather obvious statement on this list :-)

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