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From: Bob Shannon <bshannon_at_tiac.net>
Date: Sat Aug 9 09:30:01 2003

I used to work on these things!

Applicon made CAD/CAM systems, very good ones too.

There machines were based on PDP-11's and early VAX systems, loaded with
lots of custom
peripherals such as graphics displays, input devices and even disk

My first civian job was working on Applicon disk controllers. Very
fancy bit-slice based
machines that plugged into a Unibus slot, desipte being twice the normal
height for a unibus

Later applicon machines used a custom bit-mapped graphics board (based
on a 6845 for video
timing). But the early machines (like in 1977) used a sort of math-box
like vector display
systyem. These vector box was built out of MMI 6701D's, the father of
the 2901 series.

Peter C. Wallace wrote:

>On Fri, 8 Aug 2003, John Allain wrote:
>>>Hmm, What's an Applicon? Only $150.00!
>>Wish they posted pictures.
>>This is a DEC PDP 11/34 based Computer Aided Design (Drawing
>>and Routing) system. Judging from the location this is the same
>>system I bought in 2000 for $10 and left to the seller due to
>>John A.
>Probably has Tektronix DVT terminals as well...
>Peter Wallace
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