8008 emulator

From: Young, Terif C. <terif.young_at_us.army.mil>
Date: Sun Aug 10 19:26:33 2003

I built a working 8008 computer in ''73 from circuit boards from a bankrupt
canadian company. I still have the computer and I have a number of books
from Scelbi Computers on 8008 source for basic as well as debuggers, etc .
I would really like an 8008 emulator that I could run the source on my
modern PC. The roughest beta would be fine.
I ran across a blurb about your emulator in cassictechpub/jan9-02. It had a
link to your website but I was not able to get in due to lack of login.
Would you be willing to send me the emulator? Not necessarily for free
either. It does not have to be perfect and I will not require any support.
Terry Young
Received on Sun Aug 10 2003 - 19:26:33 BST

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