What to do with power distribution boxes?

From: Fred N. van Kempen <waltje_at_pdp11.nl>
Date: Mon Aug 11 07:20:01 2003

On Sun, 10 Aug 2003, Jerome H. Fine wrote:

> I have found a rather simple solution. IF the input is 120 Volts AC
> single phase (even if the cable can handle 24 or perhaps 30 amps), then
> just replace the power plug that is used for normal 120V/15A power
> outlets. As long as you don't replace the fuse on the circuit from the
> power distribution panel, it does not matter what the fuse is on the
> power distribution box. Many power plugs are able to handle the
> cable size that carries 30A. It is rather easy to just change the plug
> rather than the whole cable.
> Of course, the fuse on the power distribution panel will blow first
> if you overload the circuit, but that is just as likely to happen if the
> fuse on the power distribution box is only 15A. Meanwhile, you
> are able to have many 1A circuits for small boxes that need very
> little power. I could use a number of additional 120V/15A outlets
> from the power distribution box I am using since most pull less than
> 1A. I resorted to triple plugs.
Likewise, I placed Compaq "rackmount" power dist panels against the
walls (in the machine room and study, where the machines are) and
have each "inlet" (240VAC, 20A) connected to a separate circuit- some
through a UPS system, some direct. The good thing is, that I can now
(by timer and/or remotely, e.g. when temp goes up because of airco
failure) shut down these segments individually.

Each of the outlets can do 240VAC at 10-16A.

These boxes are usually available for cheap, as most companies forget
about them when discarding an old(er) rack... they're careful to save
the UPS (probably with dead batteries anyway ;-) but leave the rest
of the power system in there :)

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