reading rsts 7.1 disks from OpenVMS

From: John A. Dundas III <>
Date: Mon Aug 11 17:03:00 2003


At 2:20 PM -0700 8/11/03, Zane H. Healy wrote:
>> case 1) is better). I have the V7 Mayfield book (but haven't scanned it
>> for the 'net yet) and wrote a program on the Mac to read the V7 (RDS-0)
>> structure. So it _can_ be done.
>So, is this Mac program something that will build on a standard UNIX system?

High probability. It was originally built as an MPW tool; MPW is very
Unix-like. I could probably clean it up a bit and verify that it actually
works correctly under a few flavors of Unix. [You mean someone else would
want to use this? :-) ]

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