Looking for PDP-11/44XA rack advice

From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Mon Aug 11 17:25:00 2003

I think I mentioned this on the list before, but I can't find the emails
about it - I think the responses I was trying to dig up were sent directly
to me. So, I'll try again.

I have a PDP-11/44XA, that's the one that is in a "lowboy" rack with a slot
in the front door to slide your dectapes into the dual dectape drive. The
side panels of this rack measure 39.5" high by 30.0" deep. I would like very
much to make a dual bay rack out of this - where the two bays are directly
attached. I have recently obtained another rack that is exactly the same
height & depth, but it has no side panels. So, I was thinking about taking
one of the side panels off the existing 11/44XA rack, putting this new rack
next to it, and putting the side panel on the outside of the new rack -
voila - dual bay rack.

However, here's the problem - I see no way to easily bolt the two
non-sidepanel sides of the two racks together. How was this normally done?
Was there some special piece that slid inbetween the two racks to tie them
together? Without this will I run into problems with mounted peripherals in
each side clearing eachother? Dare I ask that someone has the mating
hardware spare to mate the two racks?

Thanks a million!

Jay West
Received on Mon Aug 11 2003 - 17:25:00 BST

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