Stuff for auction

From: Dave Mitton <>
Date: Mon Aug 11 17:36:22 2003

I'm working my way through cleaning out my basement, and getting rid of my
micros used and collected over time. Not all of which is worth auctioning.

Latter I will be digging into my old Integrand S-100 system (former
CBBS-Boston) and left-over parts. I also have a ton of DEC processor

I have an LA36 that I will give to anyone willing to come and take it!

Currently on eBay:

Exidy Sorcerer w/S-100 Exp. Box and 8" FD

Processor Tech SOL ROM Personality Cards (3)

Kilobaud Magazines 1977 - 10 issues

Kilobaud Magazines 1978 - 11 issues

Kilobaud Magazines 1979 - 4 issues

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