silent 700 paper

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Mon Aug 11 18:01:00 2003

> use fax machine paper for silent 700's

This also works fine in full-width HP thermal printers like the 9866 and
the 2671.

PErahps I should tell you a story. I'd been given a 2671G and needed some
paper for it. I guessed fax paper would work, and went to a local
stationery shop to buy some. They only had 210mm wide rolls (common for
UK fax machines), not the 216mm ones that US machines use.

Well, I bought one and tried it in the HP printer. It printed fine, but
unless the roll was positioned just right, the paper caught on the head
at the beginning or end of the line and snarled up.

No real problem. I went into the garrage and found a suitable piece of
brass rod. Chucked it in the lathe and drilled a hole down the middle to
take the paper roll spindle. THen parted off 2 disks of the right
thickness. Worked fine, the roll was kept in the right place and the
printer worked well.

I was happy. Well, until I went to another branch of the same shop. They
had 216mm wide rolls too.....

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