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From: James Willing <jimw_at_agora.rdrop.com>
Date: Tue Aug 12 11:42:00 2003

Before everyone thinks I've fallen off the edge of the world (tempting tho
it is some days) a brief status.

I'm behind on everything (short and to the point).

I ended up having to move on a house deal a few weeks ago unexpectedly.
It was that, or lose the house and probably be unable to reopen the
bowling center for a month or more. And seeing as that is my major
source of income...

But doing this took all the money I had on hand. So I'm in day to day
scrounge mode until the end of this week when I finally reopen. Then I
can start catching up on shipping, updates, etc...

In general, the 'Garage' sale is on hold until I get shipping caught up.
Kinda like cutting off the leg to spite the face, but...

Hell, by the end of the year I may even have a life again...

Of course then there are added little amusements like the 'rocket
scientists' at Register.Com who are unable to process a domain renewal in
less than "6 to 8 weeks" (their words) unless paid thru the blessed
'credit card'. So the web site and email for the center have been
killed... Even a USPS Money Order does not count for anything anymore!

Is it just me, or does it seem that the more 'hi-tech' that things become,
the stupider the people behind them seem to get???

Surviving... (barely)
The Computer Garage - http://www.rdrop.com/~jimw
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