Anyone got Virtual Valerie for the Mac?

From: ben franchuk <>
Date: Tue Aug 12 21:25:01 2003

Vintage Computer Festival wrote:

> Ok, it's for a documentary that the BBC is doing on computer sex games. I
> hooked them up with all the prerequisites (Strip Poker, Soft-Porn, some of
> the X-rated Atari 2600 games, they already had Leisure Suit Larry, etc.)
> and am just trying to get them these last Mac titles.
> On that note, does anyone have the SmutStack for HyperCard on the Mac?
> Didn't I already ask for this?

I'd send it private but I can't do that, so here is a blurb on english
adult games I have seen mostly for the PC. ( Ones that may contain sex,
nudity or adult topics)

I take it that the BBC is doing historical stuff, as most adult games
other than the pirated DOS stuff you find on the web have come alot
farther than see Boobs in living CGA.I assume most of you focus has
been on naughty games, pre 2000. With the censorship of ADULT games
in america to protect children you may want to consider some games never
got marketed or developed past beta revisions. I remember reading that
Serria-Online (Leisure Suit Larry -- King Quest) dropped adult content
because they had a conflict of interest with Disney. Games like Princess
Maker 2 ( see ) never got marketed
because it was too messed up in red tape and censorship because the main
character is cute girl.

Do you know the late DOS games ( 256 color/ sound card / HD )

While not a game, don't forget
you could get naughy icons for the Amiga desktop, click to open and
clothing vanishes. Also you can get several patches for games like Tomb
Raider that would give Lara Croft the nude look.

How ever what is a great SEX game varies from country to country. In
good old USA striping and the act of sex sells. Other countries like
Japan that are more liberal with nudity tend to focus on plot as well as
good character devlopment in the game than just pure sex.

Do you know of the late DOS adult games 1995--1999
( 256 color/ sound card / HD ) mostly
from Japan like

     * Paradise Heights
     * Return to Paradise Heights
     * Ring Out
     * Timestripper Mako
     * True Love
     * Venus Select
     * Fairy Nights
     * Legend of Fairies
     * May Club
     * Nocturnal Illusion
     * Runaway City
     * Season of the Sakura
     * Three Sister's Story

Several of the games have been ported to windows and
  "JAST USA Memorial Collection" -- Runaway City,Season of the Sakura,
Three Sister's Story -- is good example of games of that era.

If you need to find current adult titles check here. in the adult section, under
english games. ( The BBC needs a whole new season for the
adult games only in Japanese :) ). Some reviews and
links may be found here.
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