Anyone got Virtual Valerie for the Mac?

From: Fred N. van Kempen <>
Date: Wed Aug 13 04:48:00 2003

> You wouldn't believe me if I told you :)
I read it, I read it, and um... u sure THAT's why you need it? :)

> > Sellam, dude... want me to bring you something from Amsterdam
> > next month? :)
> Sure, but I think some of the things I would ask you to bring might cause
> you some trouble in customs ;)
Ooow... that wouldnt be the first time there'd be discussions about
what is in my bags. If you need to bring anything sensitive into the
U.S., stuff it inside a vibrator. They'll see it, turn red lots, pull
you over, point at the screen, and ask "uuh.. sir... can you explain
what THAT is?" Semi-annoyed I answer "dude... go check with your
wife if you can't tell what that is. We all have hobbies, mine is
pleasing the old lady... get my point?" and, usually, off you go,
as there is no way in hell they'll take it out of the bag and make
a fool of themselves.

Now.. it was harder to explain when I had 7 of em in the bag (" LOTS
of ladies to please, ya know..") but still, they wont give you much

Obviously, this wont work if you want to bring some expensive stereo
or puter equipment into the country, but...

Another good one is the spare bay in your laptop... they will only
ask you to turn on the lappy, and if it goes "DING" or lights the
screen, they're happy. I once brought a chunk of Black Maroc with
me as a bday gift for a friend in Mtn Vw- needless to say, we had a
great time :)

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