AW: (Ping!) Paging Jim Willing.

From: Franke Hans <>
Date: Wed Aug 13 09:56:23 2003

> > Anyone know where Jim is? I need to get in contact with him ASAP.

> It's been nearly a month since he last responded to an email of mine.
> It's been several months since I sent him money. . . I'm now starting
> to get worried.

No need to worrs, I visited him two weeks ago. Well, I almost passed the thing he calls 'city' if they hadn't a stop sign right at the crossing of the only two roads, I I had to slow down for a pickup...

Anyway, he's prety hard working at the moment to get his home setup and the business back to a working condition. He is prety much determinated to finish his part of the deals. Belive me, I tried to talk him out of some of the things he hadn't send out by then, and nothing worked...

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