AS/400 1991 9404 available in New Jersey

From: B.Degnan <>
Date: Wed Aug 13 10:20:43 2003

Historical Note about AS/400...I worked at IBM when the original AS/400 was
first launched. The AS/400 was called "Project Overloard" before launching
- it was my job (as an intern) to tape up windows of the conference room
containing the AS/400 prototype with black paper so the press could not see
in. That was 1987 spring. I helped set up the unit with monitor, boot
the unit, and load OS, etc for meetings. To me the as/400 seemed to me
like an old fashioned computer. I was more interested in the PS/2's and
Windows 2.0. Speaking of which, does anyone have the old IBM Windows
Collegiate Kit disks? I have an old model 25 that originally came with
this as the OS. Techinically this is Windows 1.5 (?)
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