classiccmp downtime

From: Jay West <>
Date: Wed Aug 13 10:42:01 2003

I MAY be going to the datacenter this evening, not sure yet, only a 50/50
shot. If I do, I will take the classiccmp machine down to look at the memory
slots, and to install the 160gb drive in place of the 20gb drive. This will
take a while, so expect to be down an hour perhaps. Then I'll take the 20gb
drive home, do a new FreeBSD install with the newer versions of mailman,
mysql, php, etc... then at some point I'll take that 20gb drive downtown some
other day and replace the existing 4gb OS drive.

Like I said, only a 50/50 shot - I may get tapped to do something else
tonight. But if not, I wanted to give the list a headsup.

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